Canadians Spend 53% of their Time Online Using Smartphones and Tablets

Just recently, Facebook revealed that over 20 million Canadians access its website each month, with over 16 million accessing the social network with a phone or tablet. Now, a new report published by PHD Canada and IAB Canada shows that Canadians aged over 18 spend 53% of their time online accessing the internet through a smartphone or a tablet (via MobileSyrup).


The report, which is based on December 2014 info, shows that nearly 9 hours per week of total mobile time was spent with nonvideo activities, while just under 4 hours per week of nonvideo internet activities were carried out on computers. Also, 33% of Canadians were found to access the internet from a desktop or laptop. Overall, Canadians were found to spend an average of 27 hours and 49 minutes per week on the internet.

“Canadians visited a lot of social networks in 2014, such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. In addition, Canadians accessed more on-demand services such as Netflix, CraveTV and Shomi, and also live TV for breaking news or the latest hockey game.

These digital activities as a whole accounted for 35% of the average adult’s weekly media time in Canada, the research also found. That was second to TV, which took 37% of weekly media minutes.”

Ever noticed how much time you spend online every day using your iPhone or iPad?