Canadians Still Suffer From ‘Bill Shock,’ CRTC Promises Review of Wireless Code


According to a new survey commissioned by the CRTC, a large number of Canadians still suffer from “bill shock,” which is the feeling you get when your monthly bill is higher than expected.

The survey was sent out to assess the impact of the wireless code the CRTC launched in 2013. The telecom regulator created the code to help customers better understand their cellular plans and all the fees associated with their monthly bills.

According to the survey, about 21 percent of Canadians still said they experience “bill shock.” Approximately half of Canadians surveyed said that they paid data overage fees, which ranged between $50 and $250, in the past year. On customer said:

“Cellular providers gouge based on demand. It used to be minutes, now it’s data. Data is ridiculously overpriced and intentionally confusing.”

The survey polled 1,277 Canadian adults who have a cellular plan. OpenMedia spokesman David Christopher said that one of the biggest problems the CRTC has to address is international roaming fees. In addition, a lot of customers believe that Canadian carriers should start offering unlimited data plans.

The CRTC has announced that they will be holding a public hearing in February to review the wireless code.

[via CBC]