Canadians See Electric Vehicles as the Future of Consumer Vehicle Market


A recent poll by Abacus Data and Clean Energy Canada has found that the majority of Canadians see electric cars as the future of the consumer vehicle market and they hope it happens pretty quickly. 64% of Canadians want electric cars to become the majority of vehicles on the road, with 72% saying that this is bound to happen at some point.

Younger Canadians outside of Alberts showed a stronger desire to see electric cars eclipse gasoline-powered vehicles. Even half of Albertans, 54% of the Silent Generation and 46% of Conservative voters, said they would like to see this happen.

71% of poll participants predicted that it will happen in 15 years or less, including 56% who say it will happen in 10 years or less. 10% of participants said they are certain they would buy an electric vehicle, and another 14% say they are very likely to:

“Canadians are excited about electric cars and the chance to cut both fuel costs and pollution. It’s a win-win for commuters, and it’s why both interest—and perception of inevitability—keeps growing. More and more Canadians want to choose electric for their next vehicle, and governments have the opportunity to make it easier for them to make that choice through purchase rebates or tax incentives and by investing in charging infrastructure”. —Dan Woynillowicz, Policy Director, Clean Energy Canada

Tesla announced its latest Model Y compact SUV last night, priced from $64,000 in Canada.

The survey was conducted online with 1,495 Canadian residents aged 18 and over, from March 11th to 13th, 2019. More information on the poll is available here.