Capital One’s Apple Pay Launch in Canada Reportedly in the Works [u]

Customers with credit cards from Capital One in Canada have been eagerly awaiting support for Apple Pay (especially Costco shoppers), and if one rumour is to be believed, the debut may happen soon.

A user named ‘capitalgone’ on the PersonalFinanceCanada subreddit discussing Apple Pay support in Canada from Capital One wrote, “The deal has been done. It was internally announced a few months ago.”

When others asked for clarification on what deal was done, the user replied, “The deal to pay Apple their exorbitant fees. Most Canadian banks are losing money processing Apple Pay transactions.” As for an ETA on the rumoured launch, no details were provided.

A clue mobile wallet support for Capital One would be coming soon is the fact one Canadian user on Reddit was able to add their MasterCard to Google Pay, showing the following screenshot:

Capital one google pay

Other users trying to add their own Capital One MasterCards to Google Pay were unsuccessful. Capital One Canada is a division of Capital One Bank, a subsidiary of Capital One Financial Corporation of McLean, Virginia (updated).

Again, take these rumours with a grain of salt.

Last April, Capital One told iPhone in Canada in a statement, “we have no immediate plans to launch Apple Pay, and will continue to evaluate it as well as other payment methods.” Maybe things have changed. We’ll find out and update this story if we have more to add.