Chpwn Goes Skiing at iOS 3.1 aka ‘Northstar’, Home to ‘Springboard’ and ‘Zephyr’

Last December the codenames behind iOS versions were revealed and helped answer questions such as why the default SSH password remains ‘alpine’. iOS codenames revolve around a theme of various ski resorts, and recently @chpwn visited the resort Northstar in California, or also known as the nickname for iOS 3.1.

As detailed in a recent blog post, @chpwn goes on to show us the black run, ‘Springboard’, which is the launcher for all apps on iOS. The run is near the top of the mountain and connects the blue run ‘West Ridge’ to the black run, ‘The Plunge’.

Remember @chpwn’s jailbreak tweak Zephyr? That was named after ‘Zephyr Lodge’ at Northstar, which was closed during his visit (there’s also a lift of the same name). Chpwn notes maybe that is due to the fact that Zephyr–doesn’t support iOS 3.1!

What are some of the other iOS ‘resorts’ you’ve been to?