Cisco Linksys Connect Express App Now In App Store

Cisco's easy to navigate App is now available in the Apple App Store

A few weeks after Cisco made it simpler for Android users to connect to their Linksys routers, iPhone users can now finally enjoy easy access to and sharing their wireless routers.

The Cisco Connect Express Mobile App makes setting up your Linksys home network a breeze, add all your wireless devices onto your home network, manage your router settings, restrict unwanted access to particular websites with a simple swipe or click from your iPhone.

The App allows you to also control how you share your wireless network with guests, a welcome feature as internet providers continue to decrease download limits. Parents can also manage and restrict internet access for their children using this App.

The Cisco Connect Express Mobile App is now available as a free download in the App Store, but keep in mind not all Linksys routers will work with the App.

Cisco’s App only works with the Linksys E-Series, X-Series or Valet home router.

Click here to download Cisco Connect Express–it’s free.