City Council Says Uber Should Shut down Operations in London Before Bylaw Changes Are Enforced


According to a new report from the lfpress, a staff report from city council says Uber should shut down its operations in London, Ontario, before the new taxi bylaw is enforced.

The report will be reviewed on Tuesday, and Councillor Virgina Ridley said that council may still make changes after they hold public participation meetings. In a statement, Ridley said:

“I want them (Uber) to wait and allow us to sort it out….I am interested in hearing from the public and I remain open to finding a way of introducing new technologies.”

Uber has been ignoring the city’s request for a while until they conduct a full review of the regulations. According to a survey from Ipsos 64 percent of 500 Londoners surveyed think Uber drivers should be regulated in the same way as traditional taxi services.

Bylaw officers in London have been issuing ticket to Uber drivers for several months, but if the regulations are passed and Uber does not shutdown its service the city could ask for a court injunction.