City of Hamilton Lays Charges Against 13 More Uber Drivers

According to a new report from CBC, the city of Hamilton has laid charges against 13 more Uber drivers. This brings the total number of people charged in Hamilton to 21.

The city has charged the drivers for driving without a taxi licence. In an email, city spokesperson Ann Lamanes said that the charges include a $305 fine.

One of the drivers who was fined spoke with CBC in November and said that the ticket doesn’t discourage her from driving for Uber.

“Everyone loves this service. I don’t think it’s going anywhere.”

Uber has said that it will be supporting its drivers, which means that they will cover these sorts of fines. The city passed a motion in the fall asking Uber to suspend service while they look at possible changes to the current taxi regulations.

Earlier this week, Uber announced that riders will see price cuts this winter. The price cuts apply to Hamilton, in addition to a number of Canadian and U.S. cities.