City of Peterborough May Get Long-Awaited Transit App

According to a new report from The Peterborough Examiner, the city of Peterborough will be getting a new transit app that will notify users about bus information directly from their smartphone.

The app will be launching soon if city council approves the required technology that will be installed on buses. On Monday evening, the council will consider having the system installed by Toronto-based Strategic Mapping Inc. for a total of $1.9 million.

The report notes that if the technology use is approved, this will mean:

  • Computerized scheduling systems for buses
  • Updated GPS software on buses, which allows for real-time tracking of buses on the road.
  • Software for transit signal priority at intersections, meaning a bus will be able to send an automatic signal to a traffic signal as it approaches to hold the green light if it is running late.
  • Automatic passenger counters that notify dispatchers when a bus is filling up and a second bus must be sent.
  • Interior and exterior cameras for buses, which capture images on the bus when there’s an altercation or collect footage in case of a collision.

If the plan is approved, the work will begin on June 18th and the technology will be fully installed and operational by March 31, 2019.