City of Vancouver to Use ‘Alertable’ App to Send Out Public Safety Alerts

The City of Vancouver has announced it will be using the municipal-level public alerting app Alertable to send out public safety alerts to residents, visitors, and commuters in case of a local emergency, CTV News reports.


The app, which is now available as a free download for iOS and Android devices, will be used to send out both critical and advisory alerts for emergency events affecting the city.

Alerts may also be issued for significant emergencies where the public may need to take action, including major fires and hazardous materials, the city said. Users also have the option to customize these notifications in the app’s settings.

“Staying informed is an essential component of personal emergency preparedness,” said City of Vancouver Director of Emergency Management Daniel Stevens in the news release. “Alertable is one of the fastest ways we can reach people. Now, more than ever, we need to be able to deliver important safety information to people in various ways.”

The city also highlighted that Alertable is completely different from the existing Alert Ready notifications used by government officials to issue emergency alerts across Canada.