CNN: iPhone 4 Antennagate & Apple’s Ping Rank Among Top ‘Tech Fails’ For 2010

This week, CNN has put together a list of their ten biggest tech “fails” of 2010. The list highlights technology and Internet products that failed during 2010.

As you could have guessed, CNN ranked the iPhone 4’s antenna problems (or Antennagate) as the top tech fail for 2010. This is also rather surprising given the success of the iPhone 4. However, CNN does acknowledge that “fail” in this case is a relative term simply due to the success that the iPhone 4 continues to see.

First Apple said the problem didn’t exist. Then they said it was a software issue. Then they kind-of admitted it existed and gave away free cases to help. Then, they said it doesn’t really exist anymore and stopped giving away the bumpers.

Months later, the problem is all but forgotten and the phones show no sign of dipping in popularity. So “fail,” in this case, is a pretty relative term.

Fails two through nine are amusing, but Apple pops up again at number ten. For number ten, CNN has listed Apple’s Ping iTunes music-focused social network among the top ten fails of 2010. Ping is also still a young service, being just rolled out this past September.

There’s a whole social network set up in Apple’s iTunes store now.

Didn’t know that? Well, there you go.

Not all musical artists are on there. And it doesn’t integrate with Facebook. (Although Ping and Twitter just linked up). And, a lot of the time, it simply pushes you to buy music.

Needless to say, Ping hasn’t really caught on.

It seems that Ping hits number ten due to its lack of musical artist participation in the service and the lack of Facebook integration.

Other than the iPhone 4 antenna and Ping, Apple does not show up again. However, only Apple and Google each had two “fails” on CNN’s list.