ComputerWorld: An A-Z Guide of Apple’s Competitors


Jonny Evans, a writer for ComputerWorld, has created an A-Z list of Apple’s enemies, which range from ancient and modern companies. Apple has built tremendous success over the past several years, however during the process the company has built several haters and many competitors in the industry.

The first company Evans has listed is, surprisingly, Apple. Evans says the level of secrecy which the company demonstrates helps it to surprise the customers but this makes it to easy for critics to describe them as “arrogant”.

Other of Apple’s ‘enemies’ that he has listed include IBM, Google, Microsoft, and Steve Wozniak. Here is a snippet of the list:

B: Big Blue

IBM once led the PC market. Not any more.

G: Google

Steve Jobs declared Google’s Android OS “a stolen product: and vowed “thermonuclear” war. History will confirm the dying genius didn’t realize Google had already begun one.

I: Intel

Apple’s decision to work with PowerPC processors put it in competition with PCs based on Intel chips. Things changed. Macs presently run on Intel chips.

J: Journalists 

Journalists tell people stories about Apple because they want them to. Apple wants to keep its secrets. This creates a little tension.

M: Microsoft

It’s fair to say competition between Microsoft and Apple defined the computer age. Today, Apple has the minds, Microsoft the numbers.


Once the smartphone market leader with its BlackBerry devices Canada’s RIM now seems a spent force.

S: Samsung 

If imitation is flattery, Apple executives probably see Samsung as the most flattering of all their foes.

W: Wozniak

Ha! Bet that shocked you! Steve W. may not say too much that’s nice about Apple nowadays, but let’s face it, W is for Windows. What else?

To see Evans’ full list of companies, check out his post on ComputerWorld.