Confirmed: Nano-SIMs Coming To iPhone 5, Carrier Testing Underway

The European Telecommunications Institute (ETSI) announced last month that it has adopted a standardized design for next-generation SIM cards a.k.a the nano-SIMs which are are approximately 40 percent smaller than the current micro-SIM used in Apple’s iPhone 4 and 4S. Today, all those rumors suggesting that Apple’s next generation iPhone will also feature a nano-SIM have been confirm thy BGR‘s exclusive report that iPhone 5 will indeed support these tiny SIM cards.

The report further claims that multiple carriers including AT&T have received these nano-SIMs from Apple for compatibility testing on their respective networks.

According to the source:

It’s been rumored that the new iPhone will feature an even smaller SIM card than what’s used now, and we can confirm that the new iPhone will feature these tiny SIM cards called nano-SIMs. Multiple carrier sources have exclusively told BGR that Apple is supplying nano-SIM adapters so its carrier partners can test how nano-SIMs work on their networks in standard test devices before they are widely deployed when the new iPhone is introduced. This includes AT&T.

The source has already contacted AT&T for a comment. We’ll update you as the story develops further. Stay tuned!