Consumer Reports Finds No Evidence of iPhone 6s ‘Chipgate’

Consumer Reports has released their tests on ‘chipgate’, the minor battery and performance differences between TSMC and Samsung A9 CPUs found within iPhone 6s models. Their conclusion? They did not find any “appreciable differences” in battery or temperature between the two CPUs:

We found no appreciable differences in battery life or temperature between the iPhones 6s models with the varying chips.

Bottom line: Smartphones are as complicated as the people who use them, so it’s impossible to say with certainty that the battery- and temperature-performance differences we measured in this chipgate testing will be consistent in every imaginable scenario. But if iPhone 6s users are ever disappointed with their phones, we’re confident it won’t be because they bought the model with the “wrong” chip.

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Apple SVP of Marketing Phil Schiller responded to iPhone Italia founder, Andrea Cervone, on Twitter sharing the Consumer Reports link. Cervone told Schiller to “fix #Chipgate and don’t hide the problem. Users are not stupid.”

So there you have it folks. ‘Chipgate’ is not real!