Higher Costs Preventing Canadians from Purchasing EVs Shows Survey

According to a recent survey conducted by Leger Marketing, that asked 1,511 Canadians whether or not they planned to purchase an EV in the near future, majority of prospective buyers consider the cost of EVs to be the main deterrent (via Tesla North).

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The survey found that only 26% of Canadians are planning to buy an EV, while 19% plan to buy gas, diesel, or a hybrid fuel vehicle. 31% of survey responders said that cost was the main reason they wouldn’t purchase an EV, while another 59% cited this as a concern but not the primary reason.

Another 18% of survey respondents cited concerns about the lack of infrastructure.

Nearly 16 percent mentioned range concerns, with 13 percent also referencing concerns about battery life and replacement.

Canada’s ambitious gas car sales ban target of 2035 will require a major increase in EV sales, however, and the survey also found the 78 percent of responders said increased government incentives for EV sales would convince them to go electric.

For cars priced lower than $55,000 CAD, provinces such as B.C. and Quebec offer provincial incentives to buy an EV, alongside the federal government’s incentive for up to $5,000 CAD.