Costco Sales: $100 iTunes Card Multipacks 20% Off; iPhone 6 for $147.99

Costco has some sales on Apple products right now, specifically iTunes Cards and the iPhone 6.

Another 20% off sale has returned for the $100 iTunes Card Multipack (4 x $25), as they are $79.99 in stores (confirmed for Costco East) and $84.99 online with free shipping.

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These discounted iTunes Cards can be used to fund your iTunes Account, which means you’ll be saving 20% off every digital purchase from Apple, including subscriptions, such as Apple Music (free trial ends at the end of September!).

The last time we saw a similar sale was back in June. This sale goes until August 16, 2015 and for buying online, a membership is not required (just skip the part where it asks for your membership number).

iPhone 6 on Sale at Mobile Kiosks In-Store

If you’re into 2-year contracts with Rogers or Bell, the 16GB iPhone 6 is available for $147.99 from the mobile kiosk within stores, which comes with “bonus monthly minutes” (50 Canada to USA long distance minutes per month; $27.50/mo value) and “bonus Lightning charger.”

Screenshot 2015 08 11 09 44 34

Earlier today, we reported Rogers, Bell and MTS currently have the iPhone 6 Plus on sale, starting as low as $179 (from MTS) and $299 from the incumbents. TELUS had a flash sale on the iPhone 6 Plus this past weekend only.

Thanks Ivan and Hugh!