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Cove: A Charge and Store Station for Tablets and Smartphones [Indiegogo]

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A new Indiegogo campaign that goes by the name of “Cove” is an elegantly designed station by popular smartphone accessory maker Griffin, that lets you charge and store every tablet and smartphone in the house. The Cove can hold and charge up to 5 tablets, smartphones, e-readers and more at any one time, while also allowing you to hide the clutter and use its door to create a handy stand so you can use your tablet hands free.

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The station features comfy shelves, which are non-slip and soft-lined for storing the devices without scratching them. Below are the tech specs of the device:

  • 16.8″ wide x 12.8″ deep x 7″ tall (current prototype)
  • 6′ (1.8 meter) main power cord included
  • UK, EU plug adapters included
  • Power Output: 5 USB ports at 12 watts each (60 W total)
  • Power Input: 110-240 Volts AC
  • UL-certified, Griffin-exclusive ChargeSensor circuit

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The campaign has already raised over $9000 in first 18 hours of its $30,000 goal, with 30 days still to go. You can make a contribution by clicking here.

Meanwhile, check out the following video to better understand the functionality of Cove:

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