Samsung-Style Curved Display Comes to iPhone 14 Pro Max

A technician specializing in aftermarket Apple device modifications has added a display to the iPhone 14 Pro Max that curves at the edges like Samsung Galaxy smartphones (via MacRumors).

Iphone 14 pro max curved display mod

In his latest mod project, Twitter user @lipilipsi replaced the iPhone 14 ‘s stainless steel frame with a new display, while keeping all of the device’s other components the same.

The technician shared the project on Twitter with several images and a brief video.

Over the years, curved displays have become a flagship feature of Samsung Galaxy smartphones. The company has been producing devices with displays that curve on the left and right horizontal side edges since 2014, starting with the Galaxy Note Edge.

The new Samsung Galaxy S23 flagship series is expected to launch in early February. The S23 Ultra is said to include a substantial upgrade to its camera, with the inclusion of a 200MP lens.