Disappearing iPod Music With iOS 4.2 On iPhone? Here’s A Fix!

With iOS 4.2 rolling out and millions of iDevices installing the new firmware, a major iPod related issue has been identified.

Some iPhone users on iOS 4.2 are reporting that after installing the firmware, their iPod music libraries are empty! In other words, even though they have synced all of their music, the music library on the iPhone indicates “No Content”.

Well, just as fast as the issue was identified, a quick fix has been found by users. The music just needs to be re-synced. Check it out below:

1.) Connect iPhone to iTunes via the Apple USB cable.

2.) Select the iPhone and a music playlist and play a song on the iPhone itself from iTunes.

3.) Click the “Sync” button to re-sync the iPhone.

4.) Open the iPod application on the iPhone to rebuild the music library.

If you’ve been having issues with your iPod library on iOS 4.2 with iPhone, let us know in the comments if the above fix helps.

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