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Disney+ Launches ‘O Canada’ Collection to Celebrate Canada Day

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Disney+ o canada

Disney+ recently launched a dedicated collection for Canadians to celebrate Canada Day (tomorrow!), called ‘O Canada’.

The collection features sections “Starring Canadians”, from classics such as The Lion King and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, to modern day hits such as Toy Story 4.

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Starring canadians disney

Another section in the collection is called “Filmed in Canada”, and has movies such as X-Men and Camp Rock.

Disney filmed in canada

“The True North strong and free, now have their own collection to stream on #DisneyPlus! Celebrate Canada Day with movies starring Canadian actors, and more. Stream and celebrate the O Canada Collection today,” said Walt Disney Studios Canada last Friday on Twitter, in a promoted tweet.

Click here to sign up for Disney+ to see the O Canada collection, as it’s featured when you open the streaming service.

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