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Distracted Driving Tickets Jump 30% in Saskatchewan Year-over-Year

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According to a new report from the CBC, distracted driving tickets issued in Saskatchewan increased by 30 percent since the same time last year.

In September, over 400 drivers in Saskatchewan were caught driving while using their cell phones, eating, or applying makeup. The 414 tickets handed out by police in September is a jump of more than 30 percent over September 2015. In a statement, Kelley Brinkworth of Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) said:

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“Absolutely, it’s the number one leading factor of overall collisions, and the top three in fatalities.”

The number one culprit of these infractions is the use of cell phones. There have been a number of campaigns that have tried to educate the public about the consequences of distracted driving. However, it doesn’t seem like these campaigns have had much impact.

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