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DJ Khaled Becomes First ‘Artist in Residence’ for Apple Music

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Record producer and media personality DJ Khaled has just been named Apple Music’s first-ever ‘Artist in Residence’. According to Billboard, Apple will be giving complete creative control of Apple Music’s most popular playlists to Khaled, who for his first move, plans to put his own spin on the music streaming service’s ‘Office DJ’ playlist.


“Bless up @applemusic for making me the very first artist-in-residence ever for @applemusic,” Khaled wrote to make the announcement official on his Instagram.

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“This means imma taking over the biggest playlists on the platform every month! Also the goal is to break new artists in the process. All record labels and artists, hit me up. This month, we gon start with Office DJ and then I might hit y’all wit a Gymflow playlist vibe next month.”

Check out DJ Khaled at Apple offices in the following commercial:

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