DoorDash Introducing New Safety Features for Canadian Dashers

DoorDash is introducing a lineup of new safety features designed to improve the experience Canadian Dashers have. These new features, such as Real-Time Safety Alerts, are starting to roll out today.

Today, the San Francisco-based online delivery platform outlined a slew of new safety features for Canadian Dashers. The following features are said to have been developed “following extensive research and consultation with Dashers and leading safety experts.”

First up is the Real-Time Safety Alerts feature. DoorDash is partnering with Samdesk, a global crisis detection platform to introduce its Real-Time Safety Alerts. In case an emergency occurs, Canadian Dashers can now be alerted. Additionally, customers and merchants will also receive notifications regarding the incident. If an emergency occurs, DoorDash may suspend operations within the area to avoid potentially harming Dashers. Check-ins on the Dasher are also executed in order to ensure their safety. This feature was first developed in the U.S. against active shooting,s bomb threats, and building fires.

The second new feature coming to DoorDash is SafeChat. This feature is being integrated in order to detect and monitor inappropriate or offensive language within the DoorDash app chat. If flagged, the person who sent the message will receive a notification reminding them that it is prohibited and they may face the consequences. The person receiving harmful messages is given the option to report the issue automatically. They may also be unassigned from the delivery without any consequences.

Additionally, DoorDash is rolling out Safety Reporting. This feature enables a speedier process for the Dasher to report an incident. These reports can be made during or after delivery. If a customer ever makes a Dasher feel unsafe or causes any harm, the Dasher can submit a report within the app chat. Alternatively, the Dasher can call in and submit a report. The Dasher is also able to block any future deliveries from that specific customer.

Finally, DoorDash’s Porch Lights Reminders are available in Canada. This is a helpful reminder to customers awaiting a delivery to turn on their porch lights at night. Oftentimes, the lighting of a porch can better help a Dasher know they are at the right house. It can also make them feel safer when approaching a residence. This reminder is sent as a notification as the Dasher is approaching. This feature is also available in the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand.

DoorDash states that it is looking forward to “continuing to develop and launch innovative new safety features” in the future.