DouBBleTime USB cable will Charge Your Phone in 1/2 the Time [KickStarter]

A new KickStarter project by the name of DouBBleTime, is a USB charging cable that can charge your phone battery from 0 to 100% in 1/2 the time it takes to charge using a regular cable. A regular USB cable is made to transfer data and to also act as a power supply between your USB port and your device. The DouBBleTime cable features a switch that enables “charge only“ mode of the USB cable, resulting in significantly faster charging time.

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An added bonus of DouBBleTime Charging Cable is that it protects your personal and private data stored on your devices by blocking data connection. When DouBBleTime mode is turned ON, the cable prevents accidental data exchange when your device is plugged into a foreign charge source. DouBBleTime is available in both Lightning and micro-USB versions.

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A simple yet ingenious special chip inside the switch talks to your computer saying, ‘I’m not a phone; I’m not going to sync, so give me maximum charging energy.’ This message allows the cable to bypass the capped out maximum power a USB can output and connect straight to the mainboard. The special chip also provides over current protection (OCP) and short circuit protection, which guarantees the safety of both your computer and device while charging. 

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The campaign has already crossed its funding goal of $20,000 with 1,113 backers and 24 days still to go. You can make a pledge for as low as $18 (plus shipping) at this link.