Alfred 5 is Now Available to Download for All

After many months of development and a massively successful Early Access release, the developers have today announced that Alfred 5 is now available to download for all.

Alfred 5 available

“It was great to see such an enthusiastic take-up by the community during Early Access, who have really helped us put Alfred 5 through its paces in preparation for this General Release,” writes the developer.

“Ready to jump in with the new features? Download Alfred 5 from our website; You can grab a new Powerpack license or upgrade your existing license to unlock the Powerpack features.”

Workflow canvas

Alfred 5 includes the rewritten Workflow Editor, which is easier to use than ever, a customizable Palette Search, new Automation Tasks which help you write codeless workflows, and so much more.

The Workflow Editor has been rewritten from the ground up to be higher performance, more efficient, user-friendly and accessible. We’ve added keyboard shortcuts, new mouse interactions, a customisable and searchable palette, and VoiceOver accessibility of Workflow contents and editing.

Workflows can now be created using keyboard shortcuts, including searching for and inserting workflow objects into the canvas. We’ve also added a new ⌥click paradigm which allows you to quickly connect, multi-connect or chain-connect workflow objects.

If you purchased your Alfred 4 license in 2022 or are a Mega Supporter, you get a free upgrade to Alfred 5. If you purchased your license before 2022 and are not a Mega Supporter, you are eligible for a discounted upgrade.

On first launch, Alfred’s Migration Assistant will walk you through activating your Powerpack license, migrating your existing preferences, and granting a few permissions.

You can get more information about pricing at this link.