Download the All New Opera Mini Browser for iPhone and iPad [VIDEO]

Screen Shot 2014 06 26 at 11 48 46 pm

Opera has just unveiled the completely revamped Opera Mini browser for iPhone and iPad. According to the official Opera blog, the app not only comes with a completely new look optimized for iOS 7, but also performs much better on Apple devices as compared to older versions.

“Once you’ve tried it, you’ll see what a great fit it is for your iOS device. And, don’t worry, it still comes with Opera Mini’s popular compression technology that saves you mobile data.”

The new and improved Opera Mini app also features themes and a brand new Discover feature. Furthermore, the app’s acclaimed compression technology targeted at saving mobile data is now offered in two modes:

  • Opera Mini mode is the classic mode, which helps you achieve up to 90% savings.
  • Opera Turbo mode provides a full web experience while still saving you data. It saves you up to 50%.

Take a peek at the new Opera Mini for iOS in the following video: