eBay Canada: Average iPhone X Sale Prices at $1890 Since Pre-Order Launch

When a new iPhone model is released, Canadians like to sell their old models and buy new ones on eBay Canada, which has shared some interesting sales data with iPhone in Canada.

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eBay Canada said daily searches for iPhone by Canadians were increasing by over 25% on average each month, since August. From October to November (to-date), daily searches for iPhone increased by 33%.

When it comes to the average purchase prices for iPhone X on eBay Canada since Apple’s pre-order date (October 27), the company says it’s around $1890 CAD. Currently, there are nearly 2,300 iPhone X listings on eBay Canada.

The entry 64GB iPhone X costs $1319 CAD from Apple.ca, so this works out to just over $400 CAD markup after taxes (for a B.C. seller after taxes).

Just prior to Apple’s announcement of iPhone X to after the launch of pre-orders on October 27, older iPhone prices dropped on the site. Average iPhone 7 prices dropped 12%, with prices hitting about $600 CAD.

Average iPhone 8 prices are around $910 CAD and iPhone 8 Plus are at $960 CAD, after the iPhone X pre-order date.

Currently, there are over 12,000 listings for pre-owned or refurbished iPhone 7 models on eBay Canada.

Did you happen to sell ‘extra’ iPhone X units? What were some profits you were seeing compared to eBay?