‘eCab’ Taxi iOS App Launches in Ottawa to Battle Uber

After launching in Vancouver and Toronto last fall, eCab for iOS has debuted in Ottawa today, reports Metro News. The eCab app was created in Paris back in 2014 and is used in 36 cities worldwide.

With eCab, it allows users to hail the nearest cab, similar to Uber, but from city-registered taxi fleets like Blueline, Capital or Coventry, to arrive to your location within 3-6 minutes. Users can choose and track their taxis within the app, while also pay for their ride too, for a cashless transaction.

Hanif Patni, president of Ottawa dispatcher Coventry Connections, says eCab is for users who “don’t want to use an app that’s illegal in the city or has insurance that is dubious,” while the app will “guarantee you’re getting a high-quality vehicle.” Customers also have the choice of paying for their rides with cash too, plus there is no Uber surge-pricing, the latter’s increase in rates when demand is high, adds Patni.

Last week Ottawa International Airport halted Uber pickups over safety concerns, as the former awaits the city’s taxi bylaw review, slated to be released on March 31st.