Developers of Siri Introduce ‘Emu’ iOS/Android Messaging App

Developed by one of the senior engineers who worked on Siri, Emu is new iOS/Android messaging app that serves as a full-fledged mobile assistant that allows users to schedule appointments, share location, set reminders, get movie showtimes or buy tickets and much more, thanks to its built-in artificial intelligence engine (via Fast Company). 


Emu is different from Siri in an important way that defines how users experience “information”. The app guesses the topics you’d like to hear more about during a conversation. Say you’re chatting with a friend, trying to make lunch plans. You text, “Are you free at noon for lunch?” Just below that message is a small representation of the day’s schedule on your calendar, which you can tap to create a full calendar entry, pre-populated with “Lunch” as the event name.

“Siri and Emu highlight the power of designing around user experience. Even given the same information, there are vastly different stakes between a system to which you ask questions privately and a system that volunteers answers publicly. 

How many times does Siri need to be wrong before you stop using her? A dozen? How many times does Emu need to be so annoyingly or embarrassingly right before you stop using it? All of one.”

Here are some of the app’s highlights:

  • Send live location: Don’t just tell people where you are, show them! You can send your location right in a message, with live updates for thirty minutes.
  • Snooze messages for later. Choose when and where you want your reminder — when you get home, when you get to work, when you leave here, or first thing tomorrow.
  • Finding a time to meet up? Emu checks the calendar for you.
  • Restaurant reviews and reservations: Emu recognizes restaurant names in your messages and shows you reviews and availability. Book a table right from a text.
  • Movie showtimes: Emu recognizes movies and theaters, and shows you everything you need to make that plan — from trailers and ratings to showtimes near you.
  • Push to talk: Hands full? Just press and hold anywhere, speak your message, and it sends!

So grab the all new messaging app and share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

Download Emu for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad [Direct Link]