Facebook Announces Apple Music and Spotify Chat Extensions for Messenger

During today’s keynote for Facebook’s F8 developer’s conference, the company announced its plans to integrate both Apple Music and Spotify into Facebook Messenger.

The integration will come in the form of chat extensions, which will allow users to link to Apple Music or Spotify content for sharing songs and playlists directly within the Facebook Messenger app. Apple has not yet published details on how the extension will work, but Spotify has published a post detailing their own extension.

While the chat extension for Spotify is already available, no launch date for the Apple Music extension has been announced. Facebook’s head of the Messenger platform David Marcus said that the Apple Music implementation will be coming soon, but offered no firm launch date.

Facebook currently allows embeds of Apple Music songs in news feeds. Full integration would allow the song to be played from Messenger itself, without leaving the app or chat. It is possible that users with subscriptions will be able to play back the full song, but non-subscribers will only get the standard 30-second preview.

[via TNW]