Facebook to Discontinue ‘Classic’ Design in September

Facebook will be discontinuing its classic design in September, making it mandatory for everyone to use the new interface that started rolling out this year.

Currently, users have the choice to switch back to the classic design that some prefer due to familiarity. The new design looks less cluttered, has a more modern look, is available in dark mode, and doesn’t have Facebook’s classic blue navigation bar.

A dialogue box has been appearing for Facebook users attempting to shift back to the classic interface, warning them that the classic Facebook experience will no longer be available starting September, explains a new report from Engadget. The social networking giant urged users to try the new version before it became the default experience, and let Facebook know how it could improve.

The new design was announced at Facebook’s developer conference last year, and initially rolled out on the service’¡s iOS and Android apps. In March it got a widespread release on desktop as an opt-in feature, leaving people free to continue using the old design if they want to. Come September, however, the old design will disappear for good.

“We’ve made improvements to the new Facebook.com and we’re excited for everyone to experience the new look,” explains Facebook. “Before we make the classic Facebook unavailable in September, we hope that you’ll let us know how we can continue to make Facebook better for everyone.”