Overlay Text and More with Facebook’s New Photo Uploader on iOS

Img 1166

As pointed out by TechCrunch, new photo uploader rolling out to many Facebook users on iOS lets you overlay text in any colour, instantly preview filters by simple swipe gestures, paste Facebook stickers and much more to help you quickly jazz your photos up. Of course the ability to add text, swipeable filters and re-sizable emoji on photos sounds familiar, because that’s exactly what Snapchat does. Perhaps Facebook is trying to clone its key features, having failed its acquisition bid.

Those with the new Facebook uploader on iOS will see a vertical line swoop across their chosen photo, alerting them they can swipe to immediately adjust the shot with “Auto” color correction, “Vintage” sepia, bright “Spring”, golden “Summer”, orange “Fall”, muted “Winter”, and black-and-white “Snow” filters. The swiping feels satisfying and makes it quick compare adjacent filters, though a bit harder to choose between two that aren’t next to each other.

A magic wand button flashing in the bottom left corner of the photo opens the enhancement tray with tabs for filters, tags, text, cropping, and stickers, allowing you to add filters, tag friends in the photos or crop the image. The text button interface is similar to Facebook’s Slingshot, letting you type in text, pinch and drag to re-size and move, as well as use a colour slider for hue adjustment.

The update is rolling out now to Facebook users on iOS, and is coming to other platforms soon as well.