Facebook is Finally Beginning to Test Dark Mode on Mobile for Select Users

Facebook has begun to roll out its long-requested Dark Mode to the mobile app. The introduction of Dark Mode comes with a caveat that not all users will be able to make the switch from the get-go.

Facebook has confirmed that the rollout for Dark Mode will be a gradual one. While confirming the news with Social Media Today, the company stated that while it is officially released, it is only accessible by “a small percentage of users globally right now”.

Users have already begun to gain access to Dark Mode. Twitter user @NotFridayCraig posted a screenshot of a timeline in Dark Mode as well as the settings showing the enabled feature.

Once accessible, users can peruse their Settings & Privacy menu tab to swap between light and dark. As of right now, the only confirmed test being conducted is on iOS. That said, once a universal launch of the feature begins, it will likely land on Android as well.

Facebook’s flagship app will now sit alongside other apps under the Facebook umbrella, supporting Dark Mode. Currently, Facebook Lite, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp all allow users to swap to Dark Mode at their leisure.

It’s not quite clear why Facebook’s main app has taken this long to gain the Dark Mode feature. However, seeing as though tests are being currently conducted, it may not be long until a wide release is initiated. Facebook has not publically released a road map of when to expect a full launch.