FedEx Prepares For “Surge Volume” Event Between September 21-24, Coinciding With iPhone 5 Launch Date

While an earlier report today strongly suggested that iPhone 5 will launch on September 12th with similar price, colour and storage configurations as the current iPhone 4S, another report by MacRumors is now hinting that the rumored launch date of iPhone 5 i.e September 21, falls during the same period when FedEx is apparently making preparations for a “surge volume” event i.e September 21-24.

The source however points out that neither Apple nor the iPhone 5 has been mentioned as the source of the surge for FedEx. Nonetheless, iPhone 5 is widely expected to go on sale nine days after its announcement in accordance with several past product debuts.

“As revealed in the notice, FedEx seems to be limiting employee travel and training around this period, making sure as many workers as possible are on hand to deal with the surge of shipments”.

It must be noted that FedEx is usually Apple’s primary shipping partner for U.S. orders only. For other countries including Canada, Apple mostly uses other carriers such as UPS during times of heavy demand.