First Apple AirTag Orders Now ‘Preparing to Ship’ in Canada

Airtags preparing ship

Apple launched AirTag pre-orders on Friday and the first orders are now in the “preparing to ship” stage in Canada, for those that got orders in at launch.

When pre-orders launched at 5am PDT on Friday, the AirTag 1-pack quickly sold out for April 30 delivery, but the 4-pack was still available for about 30 minutes for launch day arrival. That quickly changed as well, as the 4-pack also sold out too for April 30 delivery.

As of writing, the 1-pack is showing free delivery by May 11-13 (expedited is May 5-7) on, while the 4-pack is showing the same dates.

If you missed out on AirTags for launch day delivery, you may want to try your luck with Best Buy, as online the company is showing the trackers for April 30 release, but it’s unclear if this may actually be the case, based on the retailer’s mixed track record of launch day releases.

Apple confirmed last week you can link a maximum of 16 AirTags to your Apple ID, a number that may change in the future. Let’s see how many items you can lose at home during COVID-19 lockdowns (aside from the cash already spent on