First Purported Images Surface of the ‘iPhone 5’ Dock Connector [PICS]

Another day and more apparent leaks in regards to Apple’s next generation iPhone. Rumours have long speculated a new smaller dock connector would be coming, and now some fresh images have surfaced, again from

Pictured below are speculated images of what could be the next smaller connector. If you compare the size of this connector to that we have seen in leaked metal frames, it does appear to have a perfect ‘fit’. Based on the images, could this be the 8 pin dock connector noted by sources mentioned to iLounge?

Here’s a closer look at the former leaked images of the dock connector on the purported new exterior shell:

Former apparent leaks have speculated the connector could have MagSafe properties based on the appearance of a metal ring along the perimeter. We also have heard past reports about Apple’s entire line up of products to receive this new smaller connector this Fall.

Again, take these images with a grain of salt but based on the pics we’ve previously seen from, it looks like their source is conjuring up some pretty interesting pictures.

Update: 9to5Mac posts their own addition to this unconfirmed report by posting an image of the alleged rubber dock port for the connector:

Update 2: has updated their post with new information. Here’s the Google translation:

[UPDATE] We have obtained new information about this connector. We have indeed learned that it is not equipped with 8 but 16-pin to distinct functions or 8 on each side thereof to note that one of them would have no basis of record and would be for possible future use.

In addition, this connector is not only designed to equip the iPhone 5 but also future generations of the iPad which rekindles the rumor that recently announced that the connection of all mobile products from Apple would be to future designed around this new standard.

They also note these components are not the final models of these iPhone parts, according to their sources. So a 16 pin dock connector, with one side of the pins not being used? Interesting if it’s true…

Also, iFixit tells MacRumors the metal frame around the connector counts as a grounding pin, which would mean it’s actually a 9-pin connector.