Fitbit Announces Acquisition of ‘Vector’ Luxury Smart Watch Startup

Global wearable giant Fitbit has today announced the acquisition of ‘Vector’ luxury smart watch startup for an undisclosed price. Founder and CTO Andrei Pitis told TechCrunch that the company was acquired for its software platform and design team, and that the acquisition does not signal a move into the luxury smart watch sector by Fitbit.


Fitbit’s latest acquisition confirms that the company is continuing its roll-up of talent associated with watches, wearables and fitness devices. Last year in November, Fitbit had acquired a pioneer in the smart watch space, Pebble, with all its engineering talent being sucked into Fitbit. The same fate is now expected for Vector’s incredible engineering talent from Central Europe’s Romania. As a startup, Vector raised only a small amount of cash, but it certainly turned heads with its clever hardware design and software integration.

Today, we are happy to announce that the Vector Watch team and our software platform are joining Fitbit, the leader in the connected health and fitness market! We believe this is an important milestone as a moment when we will start building other new and amazing products, features and experiences, incorporating our unique technology and knowhow with Fitbit’s experience and global community.

Our aim is to make our integration in the Fitbit family as seamless as possible with no impact on you, our customers. Our smartwatches will maintain functionalities and features.

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