Flybridge Converts 30-pin Docks to Lightning with Better Support [Kickstarter]

If you have an old stereo dock for your iPhone, it’s probably still using the old 30-pin dock connector which means it won’t work with your iPhone 5. The solution is to purchase a Lightning to 30-pin adapter from Apple which fixes the problem. Although it isn’t completely solved because your iPhone or iPad resting on the adapter is too high and unstable, which also adds extra strain to the Lightning connector.

An ever better solution? The Flybridge Kickstarter project, which aims to supercharge any universal 30-pin dock you plan to change over with the Lightning adapter. Your existing Lightning to 30-pin adapter fits within the Flybridge, which then sits into your universal 30-pin dock. Check out the image below:

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The Flybrige is useful if you already own an existing Lightning to 30-pin adapter and want better support for your existing docks. You could also use it as part of a solution to building your own iPhone 5 dock as well alongside any universal 30-pin dock. Here’s how it looks within a dock:

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According to the project, the Flybridge will stay in place when you remove your iPhone or newer iPad from the dock. The Flybridge is priced at $10-15 to back, which isn’t bad. The project is 20% funded with 29 days to go.

You can check it out here on Kickstarter. Let us know if you’re going to jump on this!

Thanks @arcsvibe