Former Apple Exec Scott Forstall Celebrates 20th Birthday of Mac OS X

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Scott Forstall on Wednesday afternoon:

Happy 20th Birthday Mac OS X! I still remember when we named you. In a small room in IL1. When Steve slashed a large X on the wall and smiled. Look at how far you’ve come from a young Cheetah.

Forstall led the iPhone development team under Steve Jobs, before he was ousted from the company in October 2012, due to the failure of Apple Maps with iOS 6. Forstall has previously been profiled as a ‘mini Steve Jobs’ and at one point was said to be the ‘next’ CEO-in-waiting at Apple.

The former Apple executive was rumoured to have clashed heads with Jony Ive. Signs Forstall’s role at Apple was diminishing was when he didn’t get stage time during an iOS 6 demo on the iPad mini; he sat in the audience instead.

Forstall has been relatively quiet on Twitter, as his last tweet prior to today’s was back in October 2020.