Analysts Predict Future Apple Services Could Include ‘Maps+’ and ‘Health+’

Apple’s next paid service may come from another one of its pre-installed apps.

Venture capital firm Loup Ventures imagines new Apple services, like “Stocks+” or “Mail+,” that add new features to existing or default Apple platforms.

Here are a few of the potential future Apple services the venture capital firm thinks might be in the books:

  • Health+, a healthcare opportunity that would leverage sensors “to capture more health data, more frequently, than perhaps any other consumer health platform.”
  • Stocks+. If Apple is comfortable launching a credit card, they could eventually add other financial services, such as investment accounts.
  • Maps+. Loup Ventures thinks an Apple Car is on the product roadmap and that it and “Apple Maps could work together in a new service, Maps+, to help deliver the future of transportation.”
  • Mail+, which would handle “inbox management, scheduling, and many of the daily tasks we perform in the Mail app could be automated, adding sufficient value to our lives while commanding a monthly fee.”
  • Podcasts+, in which Apple will take a page from Spotify’s playbook and bundle premium podcasts with Apple Music and Apple One, at no extra charge for paying subscribers.

Loup Ventures’ Andrew Murphy and David Stokman note that Apple services have seen massive success in the past few years. The sector grew 16 percent year-over-year to $53.7 billion USD in 2020, and the analysts forecast that it’ll grow 15 percent in 2021.

The fact that Apple Music has grown to an estimated 85 million subscribers in just five years also “illustrates the power of services built on top of default apps.”

“The recent acceleration in Services growth is indicative of an acceleration in a much broader digital transformation,” the note concludes. “Apple is powering this transformation around the world, changing how we live, work, and play. New services will make Apple’s impact on our lives even deeper and broader, capturing value in new ways and driving the company toward a $3T market cap.”