Future Shop Trade-In Offers For Your Old iPhone


Future Shop stores across Canada will open early at 8AM in preparation for the iPhone 4S launch. The company offered pre-orders for all carriers last week.

Today we have info they are increasing their trade-in values for the iPhone 3GS and 16G/32G iPhone 4 models, as we’ve been informed. Starting tomorrow until November 30th, 2011, you can receive the following amounts in gift cards should you choose to trade in your old iPhone:

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· iPhone 3GS – $100 Future Shop gift card
· iPhone 4 16GB – $160 Future Shop gift card
· iPhone 4 32GB – $190 Future Shop gift card

If you can’t be bothered to sell your old iPhone and are open to trading it in for a Future Shop gift card, just bring your device to the cellular department in the store. Old phones will be given to a third party, where they will be either re-sold or recycled.

Obviously hardcore iPhone users would never do something like this. But for the average Joe/Jane that can’t be bothered, this is an option to get rid of your old iPhone.