Check Out This Futuristic iMac G4-Inspired Mac Concept

Xhakomo Doda, a 24-year-old Albanian-Italian Apple fan and concept designer, has just envisioned a futuristic Mac inspired by the iconic iMac G4 from 2002, which featured a sunflower-inspired floating display on an adjustable arm (via Cult of Mac).

IMAC G4 render 10 780x439 2x

“Designing is always a challenge,” said Doda, whose ‘iMac G4 New Edition’ retains the broad design aesthetics of the iMac G4 with a new touch keyboard to bring some of Apple’s mobile innovations across to iMac.

IMAC G4 render 09

“[I wanted to keep] the same shape of the semi-spherical case on the bottom, and the flat monitor held by the tubular stand,” he said. “I implemented the aluminum and glass, materials that currently are [synonymous with] Apple,” Doda continued.

“The implementation of a full touch screen keyboard comes from the idea to have an extension of the screen close to your hands,” he explained. “In this way, it is possible to swap from writing [to] something else, creating the perfect machine for all your needs. I think this is the most [innovative] part of this concept.”

Doda studied industrial design from the IUAV University of Architecture of Venice and is currently working as a CAD designer at Burberry in London. Check out some more concept images below and let us know what you think.

IMAC G4 render 13 780x439 2x

IMAC G4 render 06 780x439 2x

IMAC G4 render 04 780x439 2x

IMAC G4 render 01 780x439 2x