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Canadian Travellers: GigSky Debuts $10/800MB Daily Plan, Works for eSIM iPhones and iPads

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Gigsky iphone hero

GigSky, which offers global mobile data, has announced a new daily plan with 800MB of data for $10 USD, or about $13.42 Canadian.

The company’s on-demand data plans are available for purchase directly on devices which support eSIM, such as Apple’s latest iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR, and cellular iPad models.

According to a GigSky email to customers, the company writes:

Our customers asked for a larger daily plan and GigSky listened. We are pleased to announce GigSky’s new daily plan has been more than doubled for the same price. You now get 800MB (instead of 300MB) of unthrottled, high-speed data for just $10 USD. Great for those days when being offline isn’t an option! Our new daily rate plan is available for our most popular regional plans: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America.

Gigsky 10 800mb

Previously, GigSky’s daily $10 USD plan only included 300MB of data, but now it has increased 500MB more to 800MB. Other plans include 15 days plans at $20 USD/1GB and $30 USD/2GB and a 30-day plan at $50 USD for 5GB.

Of course, roaming data while overseas is usually cheaper with a local SIM card. But with GigSky data, you just pay for the data usage while your number remains the same.

In our quick tests of GigSky and their eSIM data plans, it’s incredibly easy to setup right on your device. If you’re travelling, the addition of eSIM data options means no more swapping SIM cards.

You can click here to follow our tutorial on how to setup GigSky eSIM data plans on your iPhone XS, XS Max or XR.

Download links: GigSky for iOS; GigSky for Android—use invitation code GNGM100 to get $5 USD of free credit towards your first purchase.

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