Glentel Says BlackBerry Z10 Retail Sales Ahead of iPhone 5, Galaxy SIII

How have BlackBerry Z10 sales fared? According to Burnaby-based wireless retailer Glentel Inc., the new flagship BlackBerry has outsold the iPhone 5 and Galaxy SIII since its launch in Canada. The company released a statement yesterday and noted the Z10 was “the leading smartphone” sold from its 330 Wireless Wave and Wave sans Fils stores since February 5th, the Globe and Mail reports.

The BlackBerry Z10 launch did come at a time when the iPhone 5 and Galaxy SIII had already sold millions since their initial launches, and by this time most smartphone owners are probably waiting for the next iPhone iteration or Galaxy SIV. Glentel did not release any actual sales numbers, other than to say the Z10 was doing well against other rivals.

Glentel did not respond to a request for additional comment and did not immediately make available any actual sales numbers. Earlier this month, Rogers also declared the BlackBerry Z10 launch to be the most successful BlackBerry launch in the company’s history, but did not reveal any sales data either.