Global TV Explains the Truth About Rogers iPhone 3G Plans

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So last night Global TV in BC aired a segment explaining about the Rogers iPhone 3G and its price plans compared to AT&T. A lot of people who have seen the clip feel it’s very honest in the way it portrays Rogers. The clip features yours truly plus two other forum members–the media uproar is slowing growing:

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Will Protesting and Being Vocal Result in Price Changes? Telia Sweden Can Answer That…

Some say protesting will never force a company to alter their wireless rates, but there now has been a high profile case that illustrates this. Telia Sweden is set out to sell the iPhone 3G but faced incredible resistance and uproar over their initial, limited data plans (are they trying to mimick Rogers?!).

There was a massive uproar from consumers demanding a change in their plans, and now it’s mission accomplished for those lucky Swedes! Telia has agreed to alter their rates and also introduced an unlimited data plan option. Now that’s how you keep customers happy, which will in turn bring in their friends and family through word of mouth advertising. It’s too bad the only word of mouth advertising going on with Rogers at the moment is BAD MOUTHING!

If Rogers actually listened to what Canadians want, and offered a decent plan with value at a reasonable price point, the line ups will never end for iPhone 3G I tell ya. So there you have it folks, if we all band together and voice our concerns, Rogers will get the message–hopefully sooner rather than later! The Telia Sweden example is something we could learn from (although I’m not sure if they have a GSM monopoly there).

Once again, here are some contacts that you can email to express your distaste over current iPhone 3G plans and their conditions:

Ted Rogers
J Innes (VP)
Jane Haitsma

Apple (Thanks Stogats from HoFo)
Simon Atkins (Canada)

The head corporate media guy in the USA
Steve Dowling –
(408) 974-1896

and the BIG honcho at Apple for communications is :
Katie Cotton –
Vice President of Worldwide Corporate Communications

Canadian Minister of Industry, Jim Prentice: Has Changed Hands… now has almost 33,000 signatures! Also, their front pages indicates that has acquired the website, but will continue to advocate Canadian cell phone users. I don’t know what this will mean for James, but it’s now clear that another company has stepped in to probably help with high server costs and managing the website. OH…one week today until the official iPhone 3G launch in Canada. Are you ready?

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