Google Adding Widgets to Chrome for iOS Soon

With widgets now a part of the iOS ecosystem, Google is looking to add some for its own iOS apps — and one of them happens to be the famed Chrome Dino Game, according to a tweet from iOS developer and MacRumors contributor Steve Moser.

The Chrome Dino Game, initially code-named Project Bolan and also known as The T-Rex Game and Dino Runner, is the Easter egg game Google Chrome users get to play when their internet stops working.

The widget in question is going to be a shortcut that will take users directly from their Home Screens to the famed game. You can now play the fan-favourite dinosaur game even when your internet isn’t out.

Image: @SteveMoser on Twitter

Google has been making quite a few strides with Chrome for iOS, with users finally being able to set Chrome as their default web browser on iPhones with the release of iOS 14. Google is also currently working on Face and Touch ID protection for incognito tabs on iOS.

Along with a widget for the Chrome Dino Game, the latest beta also contains widgets for direct access to Search within Chrome, as well as one for Quick Actions like opening a new tab or searching within one, even using your voice, a QR code, or in incognito mode.

In addition, delving deeper into the latest beta has revealed that Collections, ‘Explore’, and a button to turn ‘Home’ on and off are also currently in the works for Chrome for iOS.

Last month, Moser discovered an image for what appears to be the next-generation Google Nest Hello video doorbell.