Google Assistant on Sonos May Soon Control Apple Music [u]

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Sonos finally launched support for Google Assistant on its Sonos One and Sono Beam speakers yesterday and in a new marketing email sent out today to customers, the company suggests Apple Music may be able to be controlled by Google Assistant.

“Sonos One and Beam now have the Google Assistant built in. Control your music, get answers to questions, manage everyday tasks, and more—simply by using your voice,” reads the email.”

At the bottom of the email, Sonos says “Ask the Google Assistant for your favourite music streaming services,” and then lists the following music services: Spotify, YouTube Music, TuneIn, Apple Music and Deezer.

Currently, if you have Apple Music added to Sonos, you can only play songs from the latter using the Sonos iOS app, or by using AirPlay 2 and beaming songs to your compatible Sonos speakers.

If you try asking Google Assistant on a Sonos One to play songs from Apple Music, the assistant will respond, “Okay, playing music on Apple Music. Sorry, there was an error on Sonos One.”

We’ve reached out to Sonos for clarification regarding the marketing email to see if this was simply a mistake, or premature announcement. Stay tuned.

Update: A Sonos spokesperson told iPhone in Canada in a statement, “Apple Music is not currently on the platform. We’ll continue to bring more to the experience and will let you know as new services are added.”

Thanks Brett