Google Chrome for OS X Finally Gets Native Push Notifications

A new option introduced by Google in its Chrome browser for OS X has finally brought the ability to get native push notifications on Mac, as pointed out by The Next Web. Once enabled, push notifications are delivered in the same way you’d see any other alert on OS X, which also works seamlessly with your Mac’s ‘Do Not Disturb’ settings.


Google is however testing the new option behind a feature flag in the browser for now since it is still in active development and will likely have some issues, such as the ‘rich’ notification API will no longer work. 

To turn the native notifications option for Google Chrome on OS X:

Head to chrome://flags/#enable-native-notifications and enable the new feature, then restart your browser.

Once again, this is a beta feature so you must proceed with caution. According to Google’s engineers, the version you’ll see in the current Chrome release is different to what’s being tested in its unstable nightly builds right now. To learn more, click here.