Google Rolls Out Chrome OS Updates to Help Users Embrace their Creativity

Google has today rolled out its latest Chrome OS update aimed at making it simpler to draw, edit photos, make movies, animate, and design on Chromebooks. The update also showcases new built-in wallpapers that were designed by professional artists using a Chromebook and stylus.


Easier Photo Editing

The update lets users load their photos on Chromebook and adjust the lighting and saturation to make their nature photography look its best. They can adjust images with the built-in gallery app on Chromebooks, which have been recently improved with the intuitive crop, rescaling, and lighting features. 

Improved Video Editing

With support for video editing software like Clipchamp, WeVideo, and Kapwing available for download, editing just got a lot easier for Chromebook users.

Design, Animate, Illustrate 

Users can visit this website and choose from several different apps to help you express your creative side like sketching apps ArtFlow and Concepts.

Kickstart Your Creativity with Perks

Starting today, Chromebook users will receive special deals on apps to encourage users to explore different editing software including free access to Adobe Spark and Canva for a few months.

Wallpapers Built on Chromebook, for Chromebook

Google teamed up with Dutch artist, Rick Berkelmans, to design exclusive wallpapers for Chromebooks on a Chromebook.

Smooth Drawing and Natural Handwriting

The on-screen keyboard for the stylus now has stronger handwriting recognition so it feels as natural as putting pen to paper.

You can learn more about the update at the Chrome OS website.