Google Adds Wi-Fi Sync, Settings, and Mic Slider to Chromebook

Google has today added a bunch of new features to its Chromebook, designed to make it easier for users to get things done. With the latest Chrome OS update, users get Wi-Fi Sync, simpler settings, as well as an all-new mic slider.


The new Wi-Fi Sync makes managing Wi-Fi on Chromebook much easier. Following the update, when you enter a Wi-Fi password on your personal profile on one Chromebook, that info is securely saved with your account, so they follow you regardless of which Chromebook you’re using. 

Settings has also even simplified in the latest Chrome OS update. When you type in a query, like “wifi,” your Chromebook will display results for matching settings and related suggestions, even if you used different terms in your query.

Lastly, using the new mic slider, people can easily control how soft or loud they sound on calls.

With many Chromebook users working from home, we’ve learned that they want to more easily control the volume of their voice on video chats so that others can hear them clearly. So we built a new mic slider that people can access from their Quick Settings to control how soft or loud they sound on calls.

Google plans to add more updates to Chrome OS in the next couple of months.